Caterpillar Hair Snap Clips

These caterpillar hair snaps are so cute and very easy to make! It is also great to use the leftover fabrics to make matching hair clips.

To make them, you need to use the rectangular shape hair snaps (two sizes M & L are available in our Etsy shop), hot glue gun, felt/wadding, needle and thread.

Light weight woven fabric is recommended. If using thicker fabrics such as wool or velvet, you might want to slightly increase the width of the fabric.

1. Cut a rectangle from your fabric measuring 5.2cm x 16cm (for size M hair snap) or 5.8cm x 19cm (for size L snap). Fold it in half lengthwise with right sides touching, and sew along the long raw edge using 0.5cm seam allowance, leaving around 1.5cm on both ends. Open the seam and iron flat. Turn the tube to the right side and iron flat, making sure the seam is in the centre of one side.

2. Using the snap as the pattern, trace it on the felt/wadding, and cut a rectangle of the same size. Using a hot glue gun, dab some melted glue onto the top of the snap as indicated by the white spots in the photo below, and stick the felt/wadding onto it.

3. Open the hair snap and insert the side with felt/wadding into the fabric tube, with the seam facing the bottom of the snap. Pull the end from which you insert the clip in the opposite direction as far as it goes. Then push the tube towards the same end to gather the fabric.

This is what the right side of the hair snap should look like:

Finish the end by folding it in twice, and secure it either by hand sewing using hidden/laddering stitch (or any stitch that works for you, as this is the wrong side that will not be seen), or hot glue gun. I prefer hand stitching as it allows me to adjust the way the fabric wraps around the hair snap, especially when finishing the other end of the snap. I am using contrasting thread just to show the stitches. Using the same colour thread will be, of course, a better choice for you!

4. Keep gathering the fabric tube until the other end is around 1cm longer than the hair snap. Flip the end to expose the hair snap end. Add some hot glue as indicated by the white dots in the picture below on BOTH side of the snap end (the picture only shows one side, and you will add glue to the exact same place on the opposite side of the snap).

Flip the fabric tube back up so that it is roughly 1cm longer than the hair snap, and fold it over to the wrong side as indicated in the picture below. Fold and tuck in the two ends so that the raw edges are not exposed and the fabric wraps around the hair snap (especially around the corners) nicely. Secure with hand stitching (preferred) or hot glue gun.

Congratulations! You have now create your own cute caterpillar hair snap!

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