Fabric Hair Snaps

We used oval shaped hair snaps for this tutorial. To make the rectangular ones in the photos, please check our other tutorial “Caterpillar Snap Clips”. You can find four pairs of these snap clips in different shapes and sizes in our Etsy shop here.

Supplies required:

felt or wadding, fabric, needle and thread for hand sewing


1. Trace the hair clip on a piece of paper. Add 0.8cm seam allowance to the pattern and cut it out.

2. Cut the wadding the same size as the pattern, and the fabric 0.6~0.7cm larger than the pattern.

3. Sew around the edge of the wadding using running stitch (0.1cm from the wadding edge). Place the hair clip in the middle and pull the thread to gather the fabric.

4. With the hair clip open, keep pulling the thread to gather the fabric tightly around the clip. From the open end of the clip, stitch across both long sides and pull slightly after each stitch to further tighten up the fabric.

Continue with this process until reaching the end of the lower part of the clip.

Continue to stitch across on the other end of the hair clip. You can selectively stitch where the fabric is a bit loose so that it will be pulled tightly around the clip. Stop and finish with a knot once you are happy with the result.

5. Cut off the 0.8cm seam allowance from the paper pattern, and use the pattern to cut a piece of felt in matching colour. The felt can be slightly smaller than the pattern. Lay the felt on top of the clip and mark the position of the joint where the clip opens. Cut the felt open along the mark.

With the clip open, insert the lower part through the opening on the felt. Line up the felt with the clip, and sew around the hair clip on the wrong side by hand.

Congratulations – you have now made the fabric hair clip/snap!

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