Tissue Box Cover 1 – Minimal Style

It’s been a while since I wanted to make a nice cover for the issue box at home – it is something that you use all the time and therefore don’t want to put away in the storage, yet doesn’t look great or go with any home decor.

It is such a simple and quick sewing project, yet it will make a huge difference to your home! After making the first one which helped to achieve the clean, minimal look I was after, I just couldn’t stop and made another with a retro look, one for Christmas, and many many more!

You can find the sewing patterns and tutorials here. The patterns are for Kleenex standard flat box as well as Kleenex cube box (as sold in the UK – I am not sure whether it is the same sizes in other countries). The instructions on how to draft your own pattern for any tissue boxes of any sizes are also included.

For the retro look below, there is limited stock of cotton lawn fabric from the famous “Strawberry Thief” collection by William Morris in our store.

We hope you will enjoy making this cover as much as we did. And please share your photos and joy with us if you do!

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