Petal Collar Summer Dress


  • All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated.
  • Pre-shrink machine washable fabrics: wash, dry and iron fabrics before sewing.

Sewing instructions:

1. Creating the Petal Collars

Place one pair of collar pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Sew along the outside curved edge. (Sewing tips: using a short stitch length at around 1.8 makes it easier to sew around the curves. Lift the presser foot and turn the fabric at each point.) 

Carefully snip to the point between each petal – get as close to the stitch line as you can without cutting the thread. Trim off half of the seam allowance using pinking shears. Turn the collar to the right side and push the petals out to get them in shape and iron flat. 

Repeat for the other collar.

2. Creating the pleats on the dress pieces (main fabric only)

Place one piece of Front Side with the wrong side facing up. Mark the points A, B, C and C’ as shown in the picture below. 

Fold the piece in along Line AA’ with the wrong sides touching. Iron flat. 

Fold it again along BB’ with the right sides touching and the lines CC’ and AA’ lining up. Iron flat.

Baste with 0.7cm seam allowance along the lower part of the armhole curve to secure the pleat. 

Repeat with the other Front Side piece and both sides of the Back Piece.

3. Creating the dress (main fabric)

Place the two Front Side pieces on top of the Back piece with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Sew along the shoulder seams. Iron the seams open.

Lay the dress open with the right side facing up, as shown in the picture. Place one collar on the top with the right side up and the mark on the collar piece lining up with the shoulder seam. (Make sure the front side of the collar is place on the Front piece of the dress and vice versa.) Pin to secure if preferred, and sew along the raw edge of the collar using 0.7cm seam allowance. Leave 1cm at the end of the collar’s back side. 

Repeat with the other collar. 

Place the Front Centre piece and one of the Front Side pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Match up the pieces at the angle points and pin to secure. Sew along the pinned seams. Finish the seam with an overlocker. Iron the seam toward the Front Side. 

Repeat the steps for the other side of the Front Center piece. 

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