8 Petals Summer Dress

This dress got its name as it takes eight skirt pieces to form a full skirt – the girls will not stop whirling with this beautiful summer dress on! It comes in two size groups for young and older girls with 5 sizes in each group: 2-6Y and 6-10Y. You can find the pattern inContinue reading “8 Petals Summer Dress”

Kogin Embroidery Pincushion

Kogin is a unique counted thread embroidery originated from Japan and one of the three Sashiko variants. It is one of the simplest form of embroidery, and hence very easy to learn, yet the result is stunning! Visit our new website for the DIY Kit with everything you need to make this cute little pincushion.Continue reading “Kogin Embroidery Pincushion”

Heidi – Sashiko Inspired Coin Purse

Heidi is a cute little coin purse with a magnetic fan closure and beautiful sashiko style embroidery. It comes with five different patterns. You can also use your creativity to design your own pattern. Visit our new website for the DIY Kit with everything you need to make this bag. (Thank you for your support!Continue reading “Heidi – Sashiko Inspired Coin Purse”

Petal Collar Summer Dress

Notes: All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated. Pre-shrink machine washable fabrics: wash, dry and iron fabrics before sewing. Sewing instructions: 1. Creating the Petal Collars Place one pair of collar pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Sew along the outside curved edge. (Sewing tips: using aContinue reading “Petal Collar Summer Dress”

Bubble Shorts / Bloomers

We have designed the pattern of these shorts in the way that allows you to easily change the length to achieve the exact look you want. The elastic in the bottom of the leg could be pushed up 2~3cm during wear to create a bubble effect. By simply changing the length of the elastic forContinue reading “Bubble Shorts / Bloomers”