Open Back Linen Dress

This chic little linen dress is simple and quick to make – a must for summer!


  • All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated.
  • Pre-shrink machine washable fabrics: wash, dry and iron fabrics before sewing.

Sewing instructions

1. Creating the shoulder/back and waist straps. 

Cut two pieces of shoulder/back straps according to the measurement charts in the pattern document and one piece of front waist strap. 

Take one shoulder/back strap piece, with the wrong side of the fabric facing up, fold in 1cm of one short side to encase the raw edge, and iron flat. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and iron to find the central line. Open the strip, fold both long sides of the piece to meet at the middle and iron flat. Fold the strip in half lengthwise again to form the strap. Repeat for the remaining back.

The waist strap is created the same way, except that there is no need to create a finished edge on one end. (The back straps will have one raw end and one finished end. The waist strap will have raw ends on both sides.)

For back strap, sew close along the long edge and the finished edge with 0.1cm seam allowance. For waist strap, sew along the long edge with 0.1cm allowance. Iron flat.

2. Attaching should/back straps. 

Place the raw end of the shoulder straps to the centre of the top corners of the bodice main fabric (with the right side of the bodice facing up), making sure that they mirror each other. Baste with 0.8cm seam allowance to secure them in place.

3. Creating the bodice.

Place the bodice lining on top of the bodice main with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Pin and sew along the side seams and neckline. Clip the seam allowance close to the stitch line along the curved seams. Turn it to the right side and iron flat. 

4. Creating the skirt.

Finish the short sides of the skirt pieces with an overlocker. Place the two skirt pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Sew together along both short side seams. Iron the seams open.

Hem the bottom raw edge of the skirt: turn the raw edge 1cm up and iron. Then turn up another 2cm and iron. Sew closely along the folded edge. 

Mark the center back of the skirt with a pin or sewing chalk. Sew one or two rows of gathering stitches along the top raw edge of the skirt.Gather up the skirt to approximately 1/2 of the original width. Set aside.

5. Creating the waistband.

Lay one front waistband piece with the right side facing up. Place the front waistband strap on top of it along the centre. Baste to secure on both sides. 

Take one back waistband piece with the wrong side facing up, finish one short end of the piece by folding in 1cm, and folding in 1cm again, and sewing with 0.1cm allowance along the folded edge. Repeat with the remaining three back waistband pieces. 

Place one of the front and one of the back waistband pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Pin together along the short side edges. Sew together along the pinned seams. Iron the seams open flat. Repeat the steps to attach another back waistband piece to the same front waistband piece. 

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