Open Back Linen Dress

6. Attaching the waistband and bodice.

Place the waistband you assembled in step 5 over the gathered skirt with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. First match up the side seams of the waistbands and the skirt and pin to secure. Now, match up the marked center of the skirt back with the finished ends of both back waistband pieces and pin to secure. Adjust the gathers between the pins and pin to secure. 

Sew together along the pinned seam. Finish the seam with an overlocker. 

Flip the waistband up and iron the seam allowance up towards the waistband. Place the bodice on top of the front waistband with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Match up the center of the bodice front with the center of the front waistband and pin to secure. Sew along the pinned line to attach the bodice to the waistband.


1. The bottom edge of the bodice is slightly angled. It is important to maintain this angle as you pin, as this angle ensures the sides do not gape when the garment is worn.

2. The bodice is wider than the front waistband by design to provide better coverage. Both sides of the bodice will extend to the back waistband. Don’t worry and just keep pinning them to the waistband.

7. Finishing the dress. 

Place the remaining front and back waistband lining pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lining up. Pin together along the short side edges, leaving a gap of approximately 1.5cm in the middle. Sew along the pinned seams. Iron the seams open flat.

Sew a rectangle around the gap on the side seams to secure the seam allowance to the waistband.

Place the waistband lining on top of the waistband. The main and lining waistbands should be right sides facing with the bodice front sandwiched in between. Line up the side seams and pin to secure. Sew around the pinned seam. Finish the seam with an overlocker.

Flip the waistband lining up. Do not flip up the bodice front or back straps at this time. Iron the raw edge of the waistband down 1cm, with the wrong sides touching.

Iron the inside seam allowance down towards the skirt.

Flip the bodice front and back straps up and turn the whole garment inside out.

Fold the waistband lining down over the waistband so that it covers the exposed seam on the inside of the skirt and iron flat. Secure with pins along the waistband. NOTE: Ironing the waistband at the top and bottom will help create a smooth waistband.

Flip the garment right side out. Sew on the right side of the fabric all the way across the waistband directly above the seam. As you sew, remove the pins from underneath as you approach each pin, as this will ensure a neat inside waistband.

Thread one shoulder/back strap from the gap on the opposite side of the side seam of the waistband, and through the casing of the back waistband. Repeat with the other strap. Pull the straps to gather the skirt to the right size and tie a bow to secure. 

Congratulations – the dress is now finished!

The following link will allow you to purchase the pattern on Etsy

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