Kogin Embroidery Pincushion

Kogin is a unique counted thread embroidery originated from Japan and one of the three Sashiko variants. It is one of the simplest form of embroidery, and hence very easy to learn, yet the result is stunning! Visit our Etsy shop for the DIY Kit with everything you need to make this cute little pincushion.Continue reading “Kogin Embroidery Pincushion”

Sashiko Pincushion

This pincushion is ideal for beginners to have a proper taste on sashiko – a unique country embroidery from Japan. Sashiko uses only one stitch – the simplest running stitch – to create striking patterns on indigo fabrics. It is easy to learn and the result is stunning. For a good experience and results, itContinue reading “Sashiko Pincushion”